【 從大自然裡找到靈感的英國當代藝術家 —— Dan Hobday 】

“ The true value of art lies not on the price tag, but within the mind of the perceiver.” – Dan Hobday 「 藝術真正的價值並不在於它被標註的價格,而是存在於觀賞者的心裏。」—— Dan Hobday

Dan Hobday —— A British contemporary artist who finds inspiration from nature

" The true value of art lies not on the price tag, but within the mind of the perceiver." - Dan Hobday
「 藝術真正的價值並不在於它被標註的價格,而是存在於觀賞者的心裏。」—— Dan Hobday
Dan 想要表達的就正如小王子裡面說的 ——「真正重要的東西,是用眼睛看不到的。」

Dan Hobday 是一位來自英國的當代藝術家,熱衷於極簡和當代藝術的他,目前在英格蘭的小工作室裡創作大部分的作品。他擅長透過墨水、壓克力顏料、數位和複合媒材創造風格多樣化的作品。他的作品常常出現表演藝術、電視、電影節目裡作為場景的佈置。
Dan Hobday is a contemporary artist from the UK. He is currently based in the heart of Devon, England. He has a passion for minimal, contemporary art. Working in inks, acrylics, digital and mixed media his diverse style spans many subjects. He works with interior designers and art consultancies internationally. His work is also used by many home staging professionals and by TV and film set companies. Originals of his work can also be found globally in high-end hotels, businesses and homes.

從小在祖父的耳濡目染下,他非常喜歡使用顏料和鉛筆去創作和實驗。目前住在被美麗風景環繞、每天看到沿海景色的城市 —— 得文,因為常常能夠被大自然所啟發,所以他嘗試用自己的方式將那些靈感簡化、轉譯成創作。
Inspired to draw at an early age by his grandfather, he has always loved to create art and experiment with paint and pencil. Living in Devon, close to some amazing scenery and coastal landscapes, he always finds inspiration and tries to use minimal resources for his work.

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Free as a bird! #nature #wellbeing #simplelife

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Lovely little house by the river. 🌿 #riverhouse #homes #devon

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River walk on the weekend 🌿. #river #devonlife #nature

Dan Hobday(@danhobdayartist)分享的貼文 於 張貼

在大自然的擁抱下,孕育了 Dan 無窮無盡的創作靈感。彷彿能透過 Dan 的作品窺探他在世界裡捕捉到的美好,也能感受到他對生活和世界的熱愛,讓人有一種身臨其境的真實感。
Surrounding by nature, it stimulates Dan's unlimited creation inspiration. It seems like we can explore the beauty of our world in Dan's drawings, and also feel the enthusiasm of life.

Dan 非常喜歡使用不同的媒材進行創作,他熱愛在不同材質的平面上完成作品,這樣的創作方法能讓他的作品不斷突破、進化。過去20年以平面設計師為職位的他,非常熱愛抽象的繪畫方式,打破傳統藝術的框架,試圖將不同媒介結合,對他而言創作出讓觀賞者留步、凝視的作品是必要的。
Dan uses acrylic paints and inks and anything else he can find that makes a vivid, visual statement. He likes to explore with different surfaces and mediums so his work is always evolving. He's worked as a graphic designer for the past 20 years. Abstract art for him is a real passion as it allows him to break the rules of traditional painting and combine whatever he feels necessary to produce work that makes people stop and gaze.

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I paint, therefore I am 🌿 #art #creativelifehappylife

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Since he was expert in different techniques and styles, his drawings were very diverse. The nature under his pen became ever-changing, abstract or realistic, they were all attractive. As he said, his enthusiasm for art and continuous experimentation have made his drawings full of potential and make people feel many possibilities in his paintings. His paintings are suitable for every single space with different styles. With Dan's artwork in the space can make the overall atmosphere more rich and complete.

黑白三聯畫藝術創作 / Black and White artwork tryptic —— Dan Hobday
我們也請 Dan 針對這幅創作分享自己的創作理念。
We invited Dan to share the concept of creation of this drawing.

這套藝術創作的靈感來源於 Dan 希望能夠展現形式和結構的純淨感。以輕鬆、柔和的手法,呈現畫面中沙灘上的鵝卵石以及樹葉的留白空間。
The inspiration behind this artwork is that Dan wanted to create an artwork that shows the purity of form and tone. It loosely represents the negative space between pebbles on a beach or leaves on a tree.

因為 Dan 擅長各種不同的手法,作品也非常多元, 我們同時想要向大家分享另一個作品。
Since he was expert in different techniques and styles, we would like to share another artwork to you.

這幅拼接作品的靈感來源為 Dan 身邊的自然風景。透過將自然元素轉譯成色塊、材質以及有機圖形,進而拼湊成協調的畫面。
“The harmonies in the work arise from the earth’s elements. The colours, textures, and organic shapes in the collage are influenced by the landscapes around me.”

如果你喜歡 Dan 的作品,可以到 Society6, Etsy Fy 等網站購買數位輸出的版本。但如果你想要他親手繪製的畫作的話,也可以到他的官網聯繫他,大部分的作品他都能夠再次繪製喔!他的 instagram 也是非常的精彩,除了發佈創作成果之外,穿插發佈的一些風景照片常常能讓人心情平靜下來。
You can find Dan’s work on sale globally. Some of his printable artwork can buy through the online shops such as Society6, Etsy Fy If you would like originals on paper or canvas, feel free to contact Dan with your questions and requirements. He can recreate many of the work on his online shop as larger originals.His instagram is also very wonderful. In addition to publishing creative achievements, some landscape photos often make people feel calm.

一起跟 Dan 在美麗的大自然來一場冒險吧!
Enjoy the nature adventure in Dan’s beautiful wonderland 🙂

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