【 用畫筆捕捉瞬間的法國簡約畫藝術家 —— Frédéric Forest 】

Frédéric Forest 在法國東部靠近阿爾卑斯山山脈的城市 —— 安錫長大,長大後前往巴黎求學,在巴黎第 11 區的法國設計學校 ENSCI/Les Ateliers 修讀工業設計。在求學期間就有非常多商業合作經驗的他,畢業後更與各大知名精品品牌合作,致力於品牌形象、視覺識別,以及商品設計。

A French artist who draws like a photographer with pen — Frédéric Forest

Frédéric Forest 在法國東部靠近阿爾卑斯山山脈的城市 —— 安錫長大,長大後前往巴黎求學,在巴黎第 11 區的法國設計學校 ENSCI/Les Ateliers 修讀工業設計。在求學期間就有非常多商業合作經驗的他,畢業後更與各大知名精品品牌合作,致力於品牌形象、視覺識別,以及商品設計。

現階段的他,開設了自己的工作室,投注精力與時間在他最熱衷的繪畫上。各大知名品牌像是 Lancôme, Chanel, Vogue Australia, Kinfolk Magazine 以及電影製作公司 Gaumont,都是他的客戶之一。

Frédéric Forest grew up in Annecy, in the French Alps, and later came to Paris to study industrial design at ENSCI/Les Ateliers. He had run many commercials projects while he was still a student there. After graduated, Frédéric worked as a brand vision project manager for international luxury firms, where he used his unique, hyperactive approach to develop inventive solutions for brand image, visual identity, and product design. Frédéric is now dedicating more time to his passion, drawing, in his Parisian studio. His clients include Lancôme, Chanel, Rains, Cereal Magazine, Vogue Australia, Kinfolk Magazine, and Gaumont, among others.

很開心這一次可以線上採訪 Frédéric Forest,了解更多關於他創作背後的故事。

We really appreciate having an online interview with Frédéric Forest, and knowing more stories about him and his works.

Photo Credits: @Nomades


When and why did you start creating artwork?

Frédéric:跟大家一樣,在學會寫字之前我就會畫畫了。我從來沒有停止過,也非常樂在其中,就像是中毒一般的情感。然而,除了單純的創作外,我非常希望且嚮往進入產品設計的領域。因為設計一個產品對我來說,不只是為了自己而創作,更是為了一個專案、一個想法、一些更大的事情。所以當我還就讀法國設計學校時,就曾執行 Cartier 的皮革商品專案,後來更前往義大利 Adidas 的設計工作室,協助品牌完成高端運動鞋的視覺陳列。而後,我將我的熱忱投注在國際精品的品牌形象、視覺識別以及產品設計。在累積了與眾多優秀的設計師合作的經驗之後,包含 Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec、Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance,以及 Jean-Marie Massaud,我在 2008 年與我的妻子 Clémentine Giaconia 設立了我們的同名工作室 Forest & Giaconia,主要以傢俱、室內設計以及各式專案為服務內容。

Like everyone else, I started drawing before writing. I have never stopped and I love that. It’s a viral emotion. However, I always wanted and longed to work in the field of product design, because it was not about drawing for myself, but for a project, an idea, something larger. Therefore, I graduated from ENSCI / Les Ateliers in Paris. While still a student there, I worked alongside projects for Cartier leather goods. I then left France for Italy and worked at the Adidas Advanced Design Studio in Montebelluna, where I designed a high-end sports shoes range for the brand. Then, for international luxury firms, I used my approach for brand image, visual identity, and product design. In 2008, after various experiences working with designers such as Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, and Jean-Marie Massaud, I set up with Clémentine Giaconia our eponymous studio – Forest & Giaconia, mainly focus on furniture, interior design with editors, and private projects.

關於創作,我從來沒有刻意在追求。因為有了 Instagram 這樣以照片和圖片為主的平台,畫作的分享成為我生命中新的一部分,同時也讓我認識了更多的人。我非常喜歡畫畫,它讓我去思考很多事情跟議題。

With regards to my drawings, I never sought out to make it my living. Instagram carved this new part in my life, and helped my drawings evolve and reach more people. I love to draw, and that for as long as I can remember. Drawing allows me to think about something else.

在創作之初,畫畫對於我來說就只是個人的抒發,我沒有想過要販售自己的作品,因為它們是如此私密和個人。然而現在,它們被做成產品運送到世界各地。透過與法國巴黎出版社 Grammatical 合作,近期也將會有相關的展覽和活動推出。另外 cūra art management 也是其中一個我的代理藝廊,我們共同策劃許多與國際品牌的專案、室內設計的專案以及其他有趣的創意活動。

My work, which as the beginning very personal has now become a worldwide phenomenon with pieces being shipped all over. I don’t sell them all because they are so personal. But now, there are exhibitions and upcoming shows, I collaborate with Grammatical, a French art editor based in Paris, and there are prints, books and more soon. I am also represented by cūra art management and we develop many projects with international brands, collaborations, interior design projects, and many other stimulating creative events.


Why do you love simple line art?

Frédéric:「簡化」其實是一種複雜的過程,這個過程比你畫出的結果更為重要。看著某一個人、某一個物件,一次又一次不斷地在腦中重播、想像,重覆的描繪它。在畫特定的動作時,像是滑雪或滑板, 你需要在腦海裡不斷重複這個動作的樣子,才能夠嘗試捕捉它最完美的線條。完美的線條很少在第一次描繪時出現,你會知道它在腦海中的某一處,但你會需要不斷重播、描繪,才能在某一個瞬間突然抓住它,並把它畫下來。這個簡化的過程,就像一個訓練遊戲。

Simplicity is about its process more than its result. Look at someone or something, again and again, draw her, him, it, again and again. In many ways, I draw like skiing, or skating : I try to catch the perfect line. Rarely, it comes at first. It is here, in the mind, but you have to repeat again and again, and then, suddenly, it is there, it expresses all that I was looking for. It’s a training game.


Where are your inspirations coming from?


Inspiration strikes at random moments: it could be a smell, a sound, someone I pass on the street… Paris is the perfect place to have this kind of chance encounter. I like to just walk around the city, without really having any particular destination in mind. Sometimes, I have to draw with urgency because if I wait, that moment or feeling won’t be there anymore, and sometimes I am reminded of it later.


When I draw nudes, the women or men are actually dressed, and I imagine their bodies in my mind from my studies. My approach is quite academic and emotional. I think the success of my illustrations is that I don’t draw people’s faces. It is more about an attitude, a sort of déjà-vu, and people can recognize themselves or whomever they wish to, in these images.

Lo-Fi:在您的 Instagram 上面的作品大多都是以描繪女性的身體為主,這些作品的背後有什麼特別的含義嗎?

Most of the drawings on your Instagram are simple lines of woman. Are there any special concepts or stories behind the artwork that you want to show?


I grew up in a very female environment: with a mother, sisters, aunts, grandmothers. My mother also sewed a lot and she still does, and I am also interested in fashion magazines. So, for me, the human body is natural.


I try to draw women like they are, not like I would like them to be. Women have simply always been my main source of inspiration, but I also draw males too. So I guess that is the main point: everyone can think about someone in a specific way because the drawings are focused on attitudes, poses, moments and gestures, rather than specific portraits.


What is the creating concept behind this painting?


I was looking to express something between quietness and confidence. A woman who feels good and strong. She can be alone, next to or in front of another person. This is what I’d like to see. Maybe, she is listening to her lover, waiting for a friend, or just sitting on the terrace of a café looking for something, waiting for something. The plot does not matter, only that she feels safe and well.

我們非常深刻認知到這次抄襲事件的嚴重性與對於創作者的傷害,除了積極處理賠償外,也非常希望透過這個專欄將藝術家的作品以正確的方式分享給大家。很感謝這次 Frédéric 和他的藝術經紀公司願意接受線上採訪邀約!在最後我們也很幸運地能夠邀請他和他的藝術經紀人 Athina,與我們分享這次專欄合作的想法。

We deeply apologize for our wrongful actions regarding respecting intellectual property that hurt all the creators, in addition to completing the compensation and authorization with the artists, we are also looking forward to introducing these beautiful artwork to readers in Taiwan in the correct way. We appreciate Mr. Frédéric and his art agency for giving us a chance to have an online text interview with him. In the end, we are pleased to invite Frédéric and the art manager Athina to share the ideas and comments about this feature column.

Frédéric:我們認為主動聯繫已經是非常誠實的事情。如果後續能在 Lo-Fi 的案場裡有更多合作機會、讓喜歡 Lo-Fi 的粉絲看到我的作品,應該會是一件很有趣的事情。

We both believe that this initiative is already very honorable and feel that the only extra thing that could be interesting is ensuring collaborations with Lo-Fi clients in order to give them visibility.

藝術經紀人 Athina: 謝謝你們主動邀請我們參與這個有趣的計畫。 Frédéric 跟我都非常讚賞你們為了讓事情變成正確的努力,以及後續對於智慧財產權正式以及對藝術家的問候和研究。謝謝你們的誠實以及用心。

Art manager Athina: Thank you very much for reaching out with this interesting project that I think is very much in your honor – I know Frédéric Forest and myself appreciate the work you have put into making things right and the research you have done with regards to artist copyrights. Thank you for your honest and good intentions.

如果你喜歡 Frédéric Forest 可以在他合作的平台 Grammatical 購買他的作品,他也經常在社群平台上分享他的新作品,如果大家有興趣的話可以追蹤他的 Instagram 喔!

If you like Frédéric’s paintings and drawings, you can purchase limited editions at Grammatical. Enjoy the adventure in a simple line world created by Frédéric 🙂


Frédéric Forest’s Official Website | https://fredericforest.com/ Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/fredericforest

Artistic collaborations & sale of original pieces | www.curaartmanagement.com

Studio of Forest & Giaconia | https://www.forestgiaconia.com/

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