【 用「一筆畫」簡化生活的阿曼藝術家 —— Shatha Al Dafai 】

An Omani artist who simplifies life with "one line drawing" —— Shatha Al Dafai

在這個資訊爆炸的時代,人們開始追求快速、精煉的資訊和內容,像是懶人包、圖表都是一系列的簡化成果。但所謂「台上一分鐘,台下十年功」,將東西簡化卻能保持溫度,是需要長年累積的功力的。今天我們想要向大家介紹一位來自阿曼的「一筆畫」藝術家 —— Shatha Al Dafai。
In the era of information explosion nowadays, people start to pursue fast and direct information, such as infographic and Cliff’s notes version of all issues and information. However, simplifying objects meanwhile preserving the emotion of the original authors need practice for many years. Hence, we would like to introduce a One Line Drawing artist from Oman —— Shatha Al Dafai.
來自阿曼的 Shatha ,是一個自學成家的藝術家。她大學時主修機械工程,並於 2016 年 畢業於蘇丹喀布斯大學。在完成學業之後,她將所有的時間投注在繪製「一筆畫」的畫作中。這些畫作啟蒙於人的面容和輪廓,她希望能將複雜的人生、生活簡化在一條看似簡單的線條裡。而在畫「一筆畫」的過程中她發現,自己會因為一筆畫完、沒有抬起筆或停止而感到快樂和自由。
Shatha Al Dafai is an Omani self-taught artist graduating from Sultan Qaboos University in 2016 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After completing her degree, Shatha contributes herself to create one line art, which is inspired by faces and feelings to depict the complications of life through merely one line. While creating this kind of artwork, Shatha enjoys the liberating experience completing them with only one line.
Most of Shatha’s artworks are performed by simple lines and colorful color blocks, which are simple but eye-catching. In addition to collection and exhibition, they are also suitable for interior design and decoration of certain styles, such as Bohemia Rooms and rooms with a marked contrast between colors. Decorating with these paintings will make such spaces more impressive.

雖然「一筆畫」的畫法是當代藝術常見的表現手法,但每個藝術家在線條、粗細、人物的表情刻畫上都是獨一無二的。像 Shatha 的畫風就是比較可愛、活潑的,人物偶爾還會給人一種厭世的感覺。這樣相對抽象的五官表現不僅很生動,搭配色塊更能讓作品呈現現代、超現實主義的感覺。
Although One Line Drawing is a common presenting skill of modern art and every artist has his/her unique style on depicting lines, Shatha redeems herself by creating amiable and vivacious drawings. This unique presenting pattern of describing the facial expression of the characters makes those drawings lively and attractive.
我們邀請 Shatha 針對這幅創作分享自己的創作理念。
Additionally, we invite Shatha to share the concept of creation of this drawing.
The concept behind it is self-acceptance. The duplicated face represents the inner and outer self. They are connected, but they are not one. This is a simple representation about how self-acceptance journey is difficult but of course it’s worth it. The color orange represents the energy of this journey.
如果你非常喜歡她的作品,可以透過她的官方網站購買畫作的原稿。同時也可以透過國外各大平台購買電子輸出的版本,也可以在用她的作品刺青前購買「刺青卷」獲得授權喔!除了畫作以外, Shatha 的創作也有以手機殼、衣服、包包甚至首飾的形式販售,大家如果想要收藏都可以到她的官網逛逛!
If you like Shatha’s paintings, you can purchase the original version on her official website. Also, you can purchase the print version on various websites. Moreover, if you want to have a tattoo of her creations, you can purchase the tattoo ticket for the right as well. Besides drawings, most of her creations have been made as phone cases, clothes, bags ,or even accessories. If you want to collect them, please visit her official website.

Enjoy your online shopping in the one-line world created by Shatha 🙂

Shatha Al Dafai - Instagram
Shatha Al Dafai - Official Website


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